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Gallery of students' work from Seven Wonders of the Invisible World.


SCIEN-UH 1104EQ: Foundations of Science 1: Biology
-UH 1124P: Foundations of Science 1 Lab: Physics
SCIEN-UH 1204EQ: Foundatio
ns of Science 2: Biology
SCIEN-UH 1303: Foundations of Science 3:
Systems in Flux

BIOL-UH 3213: Applied Molecular Biology Techniques
BIOL-UH 3130: Biophysics
CDAD-UH 1008EQ: Seven Wonders of the Invisible World
BIOL-UH 4001: Capstone Project in Biology 1
BIOL-UH 4002: Capstone Project in Biology 2
PHYS-UH 4001: Capstone Project in Physics 1
PHYS-UH 4002: Capstone Project in Physics 2

In the year of 1657 I discovered very small living creatures in rain water.” This quote is attributed to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch merchant whose skillful use of glass lenses allowed him to peer into a world of microorganisms that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. His careful observations gave way to advances in microscopy that have allowed scientists to observe detailed structures of plants, viruses invading cells, intricate crystal lattices and the seemingly chaotic motion of small particles. In this course, microscopy is explored, first by examining the fundamentals of systems used to magnify objects, and eventually by using sophisticated setups to make observations. A special emphasis will be placed on capturing images of natural animate and inanimate phenomena that constitute seven wonders of the invisible world.

Seven Wonders of the Invisible World

Capstone Projects:

Capstone Projects are year-long endeavors that senior NYU Abu Dhabi students undertake in their respective fields of study. Under the supervision of Dr. Magzoub and postdoctoral researchers, students in our lab learn to design and conduct experiments to answer a research question pertaining to drug development and/or delivery strategies for cancer or amyloid diseases.

Below are short video summaries of some recent Capstone Projects. 

Yujeong Oh (left) and Tatiana Houhou (right), Class of 2022.

Laura Karpauskaite (left) and Shaqe Karapetyan (right), Class of 2020.

For older Capstone Projects, please see here.


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