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Biophysical research lab at New York University Abu Dhabi


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The Science

Despite continuing advances in the development of macromolecules, e.g. proteins and oligonucleotides, for therapeutic purposes, the successful application of these largely hydrophilic molecules has so far been hampered by their inability to efficiently bypass the plasma membrane. Another major drawback hindering the successful application of these therapeutics is their lack of target specificity.


Our research team, based in NYU Abu Dhabi, is actively developing novel drug delivery systems – peptides, liposomes and nanoparticles – to enhance the targeting and cellular uptake of therapeutics in order to maximize their efficacy.

We design novel pH-responsive hybrid nanoparticles that are a highly promising cancer drug delivery platform, combining high stability with effective tumor targeting and triggered release of chemotherapeutic agents in cancer cells.
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Read the press article here, or get access to the published research here.

Science Lab


June 2021: Our paper, Protein mimetic amyloid inhibitor potently abrogates cancer-associated mutant p53 aggregation and restores tumor suppressor function was published in the journal Nature Communications and received press coverage in The National

April 2020: Our paper, pH-responsive high stability polymeric nanoparticles for targeted delivery of anticancer therapeutics, has been highlighted in the editorial Setting out on a fantastic voyage to advance nanomedicine.

March 2020: Laura has been selected for the competitive and prestigious NYUAD Post-Graduation Research Fellowship. The Fellowship will fund Laura's highly exciting research project in the lab from September 2020 to August 2021. Congratulations Laura!


March 2020: Mona posted a wonderful Behind-the-Paper blog, Exploiting the unique properties of tumors to deliver chemotherapeutics to cancer cells, to the Nature Research Cancer Community describing the story behind our recent publication in Communications Biology.

March 2020: Our paper, pH-responsive high stability polymeric nanoparticles for targeted delivery of anticancer therapeutics, published in Communications Biology and selected as a Research Highlight and a Cover Article, received extensive press coverage.

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Magzoub Lab

Experimental Research Building (ERB)

NYU Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Island Campus

P.O. Box 129188

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +971 2 628 4760

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