The Magzoub Lab is part of the Biology Program at NYU Abu Dhabi.

The science

Despite continuing advances in the development of macromolecules, e.g. proteins and oligonucleotides, for therapeutic purposes, the successful application of these largely hydrophilic molecules has so far been hampered by their inability to efficiently bypass the plasma membrane. Another major drawback hindering the successful application of these therapeutics is their lack of target specificity.


Our research team, based in NYU Abu Dhabi, is actively developing novel drug delivery systems – peptides, liposomes and nanoparticles – to enhance the targeting and cellular uptake of therapeutics in order to maximize their efficacy.

Background: Hybrid DNA and alpha-hemolysin pores, designed and created by Khulood Alawadi, NYUAD.

Our Research

Our research spans and merges three fields: drug delivery strategies, amyloid diseases, and cancer therapeutics. Our collaborations, both within the United Arab Emirates and worldwide, expand and contextualize our research for broader applications.

Our students are also actively involved in designing and conducting their own research within these fields in their capstone projects. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

Background: Artistic representation of research targets.

Meet our Team 

Our team is a diverse group of post-docs, research assistants, instructors, and students. And one cactus.


LATEST Publications

Pansieri, J., Ostojić, L., Iashchishyn, I.A., Magzoub, M., Wallin, C., Wärmländer, S., Gräslund, A., Ngoc, M.N., Smirnovas, V., Svedruzic, Z. & Morozova-Roche, L.A. (2019) Pro-inflammatory S100A9 protein aggregation promoted by NCAM1 peptide constructs. ACS Chem. Biol. 14, 1410−1417. 

Kalmouni, M., Al Hosani, S. & Magzoub, M.* (2019) Cancer Targeting Peptides. Cell Mol. Life Sci. 76, 2171-2183.

Nguyen, V.P., Palanikumar, L., Kennel, S.J., Ye, Y., Alves, D.S., Wall, J.S., Magzoub, M. & Barrera, F.N. (2019) Mechanistic insights into the pH-dependent membrane peptide ATRAM. J. Control. Release 298, 142-153.

Kumar, S.*, Henning-Knechtel, A., Magzoub, M.* & Hamilton, A.D.* (2018) Peptidomimetic-based multi-domain targeting offers critical evaluation of Aβ structure and toxic function. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140, 6562–6574.

Yanez, A., Desta, I., Commins, P., Magzoub, M. & Naumov, P. (2018) Morphokinematics of the hygroactuation of feather grass awns. Adv. Biosyst. 2, 1800007.

Henning-Knechtel, A., Knechtel, J. & Magzoub, M.* (2017) DNA-assisted oligomerization of pore-forming toxin monomers into precisely-controlled protein channels. Nucleic Acids Res. 45, 12057-12068.

Selected as a Breakthrough Article and a Cover Article.

Background: Amyloid beta targeting small molecules, designed and created by Khulood Alawadi, NYUAD.


Recent News

May 2: Mazin gives a talk entitled mechanisms of slowed macromolecular diffusion deep inside tumors at the AnnualADEK Award for Research Excellence (AARE) Research Conference.

April: Several congratulations for our students are in order! Congrats Daniel for his acceptance to the NYU Biology PhD program! Congrats to Maria who will be attending the University of Pennsylvania for a PhD in cell and molecular biology! Congrats to both Daniel and Erna for passing their capstone defenses. We're proud of you all!


March 3: Congratulations to Mona and Sumaya on publishing a review! 

March 2-6: Maria and Palani attended the Biophysical Society annual conference in Baltimore, MD, to showcase a poster and give a talk, respectively. Mazin decided to stay in Abu Dhabi to, supposedly, take care of Spike (doubt he'll miss the next one in San Diego, though...)

Dec. 23: Winter break is finally here! Mazin gets to rest from student shenanigans. Happy holidays!

Dec. 20: Congratulations Laura and Shake on submitting their Capstone proposals, you have so much left to do. Now get back to work!

Dec. 3: Congratulations Maria on passing her Capstone defense!

October 29, 2019: NYU Abu Dhabi’s International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team received a gold medal, and was nominated for best diagnostics project and best overall undergraduate project, at the Giant Jamboree, an annual synthetic biology competition held in Boston, USA, involving 340 international teams. Team members included Laura Karpauskaite (co-team leader) and Daniel Obaji. The team was supervised by NYUAD faculty and instructors, including Ibrahim Chehade and Mazin Magzoub.

See photos here


October 18, 2018: The Magzoub lab has been awarded an Al Jalila Foundation Research Center Seed Grant to support its work on targeted cancer drug delivery. See our funding here.