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Lab Life

Conferences and Meetings

Conferences and Meetings

2019 Annual ADEK Award for Resaerch Excellence (AARE) Research Conference

Mazin gives a talk, "Mechanism of slowed macromolecular diffusion deep inside tumors"


2019 Biophysical Society Meeting, Baltimore, MD (March 2019)

Palani and Maria travel to the Biophysical Society annual meeting to present their work. Maria shared a poster, and Palani gave a talk "pH Sensitive peptide functionalized high stability polymeric naoparticles for mitochondria targeted cancer drug delivery".


2018 NYUAD Research Conference, Abu Dhabi (November 2018)

Mazin gives a talk, "Designed cell-penetrating peptide inhibitors of amyloid-beta aggregation and cytotoxicity".

2nd NYU Biomedical and Biosystems Conference at Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, New York (June 2018)

(Left) Mazin gives a talk, "Designed cell-penetrating peptide inhibitors of amyloid-beta aggregation and cytotoxicity". The current slide illustrates a few mechanisms of amyloid-beta toxicity in neurons.

(Right) Loganathan presents a poster, "pH sensitive peptide-functionalized high stability BSA-PLGA nanoparticles for targeted cancer drug delivery".

Joint Group Meeting of the Hamilton and Arora Labs (December 2017)

Maria presents her research on inhibitors of amyloid beta aggregation and toxicity at the joint group meeting of the Hamilton and Arora labs at the Department of Chemistry, NYU. 

5th Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium (November 2017)

(Left) Mazin gives a talk, “Targeted delivery of anticancer therapeutics", and (right) takes part in the Precision Medicine & Cancer session panel discussion, at the 5th Arab-American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine Symposium at l’École Nationale Supérieure de l’Informatique et d’Analyses des Systèmes (ENSIAS) in Rabat, Morocco.

61st Biophysical Society Meeting (February 2017)

(Left) Anja meets Prof. Astrid Gräslund and Dr. Sebastian Wärmländer (Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University), and (right) presents her poster at the 61st Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Group Photos

Magzoub Lab Members (AY 2016-2017)

The lab team for the academic year 2016-2017. From left to right: Sarah Hassan, Hadi Saleh,  Mazin Magzoub, Abiy Woldetsadik, Rkia El-kharrag, Anja Henning, and Maria Vogel. Not shown are Sumaya, Mona, Ibrahim, Erna, and Nathalie, who joined our lab after this photo was taken.

First Attempt at a Group Photo (AY 2016-2017)

We're pretty sure Hadi got at least second degree burns from laying on the ground for his alluring pose.

Magzoub Lab Members (AY 2015-2016)

The lab team for the academic year 2015-2016. From left to right: Haya Raef, Anja Henning, Mazin Magzoub, Abiy Woldetsadik, Anastasia Steshina.

Group photos

Life Inside the Lab

Experimental Work in the Lab 

Lab members hard at work curing cancer and amyloid diseases (photos courtesy of Al Jalila Foundation. October 2017).

Life inside the Lab
Life outside the Lab

Life Outside the Lab


2018 Internationally Genetically Engineered Machine, Boston (October 2018)

(Left) Nominations, (Right) the NYUAD iGEM team

NYU Abu Dhabi’s International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) team received a gold medal, and was nominated for best diagnostics project and best overall undergraduate project, at the Giant Jamboree, an annual synthetic biology competition held in Boston, USA, involving 340 international team.


2018 Commencement Ceremony (May 2018)

(Left) Hadi with his family and Mazin. (Right) Maria with her family and President Hamilton and Mazin.

Lab Lunch at Shakespeare and Co. (February 2018)

Lab members go out for lunch to say goodbye to our visiting researcher Abed, and welcome our new postdoc Palani! From left to right: Palani, Mona, Abed, Mazin, Maria and Erna.

Anastasia's Capstone Presentation

Anastasia and Mazin, after her Capstone presentation in May 2016.

NYUAD Intramural Championship

May 2014

Abu Dhabi 7-A-Side Tournament

December 2013



Guest Researcher

Abed Itani from Prof. Rihab Nasr's lab (American University of Beirut) gives a talk at the group meeting in January 2018.  

Faculty Visitor

Prof. Francisco Barrera (far right) from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville visits the lab in November 2016.

Visit to American University of Beirut

Tour of the Core Facilities at the American University of Beirut in August 2016.

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